Wp E-Commerce Checkout Refresh Problem [Solved]

21 April 2010, Comments: 12

A common problem with Wp E-Commerce is with the Checkout page “Make Payment” button. Whenever users try to make a purchase it refreshes the page each time and goes no where. I’ve seen this problem with Google and Paypal Payment gateways. The problem seems to be a common one, this worked for us, maybe this will work for you.

Solution is to check-over the shipping settings:

If any of the shipping calculators are selected, deselect all of them and then enable only one at a time. One problem I noticed is with the weight rate. If the weight rate is not setup but is selected then disable it. Try using flat rate and put some value in it just for testing. After each change refresh the page and try to make a payment. That worked for us.

Also disable all the mandatory fields under the checkout settings of the Wp E-commerce plugin, you can enable then back after testing.

12 responses on “Wp E-Commerce Checkout Refresh Problem [Solved]

  1. The problem with this was much simpler.

    On the checkout page there are fields that can be marked as mandatory. In shipping information there is a state field that is selected as mandatory. All one needs to do is to deselect this and there refresh problem will be sorted out.

  2. Makbeta says:

    Thanks for posting this article, it definitely guided me in the right direction.
    I’ve been having the same issue, but only in a specific IE 8 browser version.
    What worked for me is disabling of the Country as a mandatory field in billing address, all shipping fields were not mandatory.
    (Toggling weight rate off and on didn’t do anything)
    I was running WP E-commerce 3.7.8 on WP 3.1.1

  3. Gregoire says:

    Tried every possible way to make this work, but the shipping calculator does not show up anymore and the shipping country stays stuck in static plain text to my base country. I tried refreshing, unchecking mandatory fields, changing, reseting… no chance… this week, I’ve lost one whole order because of this.

  4. Tom says:

    This pointed me in the right direction. I turned flat rate back on and zeroed out the numbers. Now my clients can pay me. Thank-you.

  5. indu says:

    its not working for me..pay button is not redirecting to pay-pal in IE 8.its working for me in Mozilla and chrome

  6. megamancito says:

    This is a serious problem. I have a few theories, including the Beta version of 3.8 changing my SQL tables. If you did a clean install, you shouldn’t have many issues, but if you’re updating from an older <3.7 version, you will most likely have to backup your ecomerce database and re-install afresh.

    Alternatively, you could enable the "Buy Now" button and go straight to paypal and not have to deal with the function calls built into the ecomence plugin…

  7. I Am Kio says:

    The above solution didn’t work for be BUT it did point me in the right direction. The problem appears to be to do with shipping altogether… in the end, I had to simply turn shipping off. This is not ideal, but the Gateways are not working, and I can at least now move forward.

    Thanks for the help!

  8. Cole Turner says:

    Jignesh Vasani <– Is exactly correct right on the money!

    The way errors on the required field perform on the checkout page gets screwed up when having the Shipping_State as required field.

    Yes, it is possible to modify and correct the code that is causing the issue, but it is easiest for most to simply not have the field 'mandatory'.

    If you are a person thinking your issue is with 'Shipping All together' and find that things work correctly when shipping is turned off, then you might actually have an issue with how you have your shipping rates setup in shipping settings for the store OR if using live shipping quotes you might have incorrectly setup the shipping weight (too low of weight for a live shipping quote) or you have setup the shipping api settings incorrectly.

    If shipping is not needed on some certain products, then you should make sure to disregard shipping on those individual products.

  9. Joe says:

    I’ve completely disabled shipping and deleted it from the forms all together.. as I’m really using this as an event registration service… Im still having this problem. Make no sense.

  10. Dustin says:

    Thank you for posting this out there. I have been driven crazy by this issue and your article save the day! I tried everything under the sun to get the purchase button to work and I knew it was probably a very simple fix. Many thanks!

  11. Marcel Lavabre says:

    I actually found out the issue, which has to do with shipping state:
    When you check the box “shipping is same as billing”, the shipping info disappears, but if you uncheck it, you will see that the state field is not located properly (or rather, it is duplicated, with the mandatory field not editable) and you get an error message, that doesn’t display when the box is checked.
    I rearranged the fields and that seems to have gotten rid of the problem. making shipping field non mandatory seems to fix the issue but may cause problem with physical goods.

  12. irishsoul says:

    You’re a life saver.

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